Construction of Bridgeview Park Playground Underway

Townhall News:

Bridgeview Park Playground ConstructionThe development of Bridgeview Park has taken a leap forward with the completion of the site’s bulkhead late last week by Richardson Construction. Now with this retention wall in place; installation of the long awaited playground equipment has begun in earnest. Click here for videos of the initial work started today.

Based on availability of labor next week, I anticipate completion of the playground by the middle of the first week in August. Look for a future announcement from the Board of Commissioners scheduling the grand opening ribbon cutting.

-David W. Hewett via Townhall Email Newsletter

View the video below:

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  • We visited last year before it was a was the only place I could get my mama towards the water in front of shrimp boat take a picture.she’s in a wheel chair.wish I knew about handicap areas at holden beach and cottages to .

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