Holden Beach Fireworks

Where can you see 4th of July Fireworks?

Officially, Fireworks are not allowed on Holden Beach (other than sparklers). These town regulations are in place to protect property and the natural ecosystem.

HOWEVER, you will find a number of fireworks shows in the area for you and your family to enjoy. We don’t want to get anyone in trouble with town officials, so we can’t tell you exactly where to go.

Usually every year multiple families on the main-land and the beach set off great firework shows.  We recommend simply waiting a bit later in the day on July 4th and you’ll hear exactly where to go.

What do you think… should the Town of Holden Beach put on a 4th of July Fireworks show? Let us know in the comments.

REMINDER: Fireworks are banned for a reason. They can be dangerous. Use caution if you and or family decide to ignite them. Be sure to set them off in a safe area, away from buildings and flammable structures. Keep a pale of water nearby in case of an emergency. If a police officer finds you using banned fireworks, be courteous. They can confiscate them.

Further Reading…

The town ordinance applying to fireworks states…

“The sale or use of any fireworks including bottle rockets, roman candles, smoke bombs, or any other non-explosive fireworks is found to be contrary to the general safety and welfare of the public interest, especially regarding fire hazards, and it prohibited, provided, however, that fireworks shall be permitted at public exhibitions with the specific approval of the Board of Commissioners and shall be under the supervision of experts in the handling and use thereof.”

So, one day there may be a board-approved fireworks show, but not today.

Source: Town of Holden Beach Code of Ordinances: Title XIII: General Offenses / Chapter 130: General Offenses

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