Town News: From Mayor Alan Holden 4/6/20

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According to authorities, this week will be the most deadly week so far for Americans with the virus. The intensity of the virus threat continues.

Holden Beach has enjoyed nice weather over the recent days and it appears that the trend will continue this week. A major concern is the impact of the Easter week, in conjunction with the favorable weather forecast which may drive the desire of many people to go to the beach. The “Stay at Home” order is still in place.

Some places in North Carolina are restricting travel to only residents. Some beaches are closed, along with many other restrictions in place. Virginia and other states are imposing traffic limitations. I suggest all property owners and residents carefully review all restrictions that may apply to your plans impacting any trip of any kind. 

Yes, the Holden Beach bridge is still open and stickers are not yet required. However, I suggest that you go ahead and place your sticker on your vehicle’s windshield to help insure that it will not be lost or forgotten now or possibly this fall when hurricane season is upon us. 

Rentals continue to be prohibited in Holden Beach. The official residents of Holden Beach that have been residing here via  long-term lease are not impacted by this requirement. Owners and renters that participate in creating and falsely dating agreements are in violation of the current regulations. Occupancy only for owners and their family is encouraged.

Though the number of people have been on the island in the past few days continues to dwindle there are issues that are becoming more evident. 

One trip down the beach strand in the middle of the day Saturday (April 4, 2020) found twenty-one dog owners with thirty-one dogs running free. This is a problem! This is a public relations and an enforcement nightmare. I ask everyone, including our residents and owners to please comply with the lease laws. The majority of the dog owners were complying.

The staff at the Town Hall can still be reached by phone, email, etc. Please contact them as needed for services.

Construction and maintenance workers are allowed to continue their work. Service companies are providing services as well.

The North Carolina Wildlife boat ramp under the Holden Beach bridge is open at the present time. The parking spaces under the bridge for the boat trailers are available. The road rights-of-way and public parking areas on the whole island are closed. Tickets have been given.

More and more parts of the state are becoming more restrictive. I fully expect this could be the case for Holden Beach.

This is a time for us to pull together even more. Pray and care for one another.

Dr. Reggie Rushing is providing Sunday services. You can find them on the internet. The address is

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