Town News: Hurricane Irene Update Fri. PM

Town of Holden Beach News
Hurricane Irene Update (Fri. 4:15)

The rain, wind and heavy surf have arrived here in Holden Beach. Short periods of times with sustained winds exceeding 45
miles per hour have already taken place. The bridge is closed to oncoming traffic, with the exception of property owners who have until 6:00 p.m. As of 6:00 p.m. today, the bridge will be closed.

The predicted storm conditions are continuing severity through the night, with expected improvements to begin in the the morning daylight hours.

Water and sewer crews are tentatively scheduled to check the systems as soon as weather conditions will allow tomorrow. The condition of the island will be assessed in the daylight hours tomorrow morning.

Unless some major unexpected changes take place regarding Irene, the intentions are to try to permit re-entry to the island mid-day tomorrow. If there is no significant damage or threats to public safety, it is intended to allow unrestricted access when the island is reopened.

It is understood that owners, renters and workers have obligations and expectations for Saturday night and the Town will do everything in our power to fulfill these expectations.

If all expected conditions continue, the next email will be sent early Saturday morning.

Check for further updates.

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