Town News: March 29, 2021


with Group Fitness Instructor, Andrea Combs

Balance your mind and body with a flowing, slow dance of peaceful martial art forms set to the rhythm of your breath! Get fit with dynamic, total body warm-ups. Calm and focus your mind with breathing exercises. Rehearse Tai Chi movements, then put it all together to flow through this beautifully choreographed Tai Chi dance routine with inspiring background music! Feel relaxed, energized and stronger, with better range-of-motion, balance and cognitive function with regular practice! Requires standing, walking, balancing, lifting legs and arms, gently moving all joints. Exercises are non-impact, moderate-aerobic activity and adaptable to sitting or partially-supported. All fitness and experience levels welcome. Bring water to drink, wear comfortable, loose or flexible clothing and flat-sole, cushioned sneakers or shoes. Bring what you might need for outdoors such as, bug repellant, sunscreen, hat. Also, bring a walker or chair for support if needed. Social distance is usually greater than six feet. COVID precautions should be followed by attendees. Tai Chi exercise is beneficial for many medical conditions and fall-prevention. To learn more, check out Harvard Medical’s The Health Benefits of Tai Chi: 

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