Town News: Street Paving Petition

The Town can participate in the paving of streets when it receives a petition from property owners requesting to be assessed to share in the cost of the improvements. It has come to our attention that property owners on Canal Drive, Seagull Drive and Deal Drive are interested in having their streets paved. The petition for the improvements must be signed by at least a majority in number of property owners to be assessed, who must represent at least a majority of all the lineal feet of frontage of the lands abutting on the street or portion thereof to be improved. 

Property owners on Canal Drive, Seagull Drive and Deal Drive should have recently received a blank petition and letters explaining how to proceed with the petition process. If you are interested in moving forward in the paving of your street, please return your signed petition by December 5th. 

If you have any questions, you can contact Heather at or at (910) 842-6488.

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