Town News: Water Alert Update

Water Alert Update       

Brunswick County has returned to normal operations at the Northwest Water Treatment Plant, restoring the water intake from the raw water line into the plant.

Brunswick County Public Utilities and its partners at the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority (CFPUA) conducted tests this morning and afternoon to determine the impact on water quality due to the contaminant that spilled into the Cape Fear River Tuesday afternoon from the Fayetteville Works industrial site from Kuraray Americas, which shares the site with Chemours. Kuraray Americas reported that less than 30 gallons of 3GO plasticizer was discharged into the river. This substance is not a PFAS compound. This type and amount of the substance does not represent a threat to the water system.

The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) informed Brunswick County about the spill Tuesday evening. The department is currently investigating the spill at the Fayetteville Works facility.

At this time, customers can use water without the need for conservation. 

Brunswick County Public Utilities will continue to monitor the river and make any water treatment adjustments necessary to ensure the water supply remains safe for its customers.

Click here to view the County’s full media release.

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