Turtle Watch Update – 10 Nests

Sea Turtle Image by Roy Niswanger
Sea Turtle Image by Roy Niswanger

As of June 29th, the Holden Beach Turtle Watch Program has recorded ten nests on the beach with 1,028 known eggs.  These eggs account for eight out of the ten nests on the island that had to be moved to safer locations.  The two other nests were safe, so their eggs weren’t moved and counted.

So far, there is an average of 128.5 eggs per nest.  That’s well over the average of 100 eggs per nest.

Remember to turn off ocean facing lights to keep from creating light pollution that can disorient sea turtles while they’re nesting.

The Latest Statistics For 2009
Current Nest Count
False Crawls
Total Known Eggs
Total Baby Turtles

Turtle news and statistics are courtesy of the Holden Beach Turtle Watch Program.
Photograph courtesy Roy Niswanger.

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  • hi, my name is nathan hewett and i was looking for something to do for my senior project. I just want to ask if there is anyway that i can volunteer cleaning the beach and help save sea turtles. I would greatly appreciate it. (910) 393 9804

  • Hi Nathan, sorry for the really, really late reply. If you haven’t already, I’d give the turtle patrol a call at 910-754-0766.

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