Turtle Watch Update – Nest #3

sea_turtle_resized_400x220On June 9th, Holden Beach saw it’s 3rd sea turtle nesting of the season.

The mama turtle came ashore on the east of of the island in a location where the tide could have easily disrupted the nest. Luckily, the Holden Beach Turtle Watch program was on call and moved 127 egg nest to a safer location.

Reminder: Holden Beach Turtle Watch “Turtle Talk” sessions are help every Wednesday at 7pm in the new Town Hall.  The program focuses on the life cycle of the sea turtle, and how the Holden Beach Turtle program aids in their preservation.
Current Statistics For 2009
Current Nest Count
False Crawls
Total Known Eggs
Total Baby Turtles

Turtle news and statistics are courtesy of the Holden Beach Turtle Watch Program.
Photograph courtesy Roy Niswanger.

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