Town News: Beach & Inlet Newsletter

As 2019 comes to an end we would like to take an opportunity to update you on beach and inlet news and the status of projects.
• An update was provided to our Oceanfront and Inlets Management Plan this year. The plan can be found at and provides a roadmap for future projects and maintenance. It will be updated annually to reflect ever-changing needs and priorities.• The Annual Beach Monitoring report can be found at It is an annual report of changes to the beach as compared to the previous year and provides detailed survey maps.
Inlet Dredging
a. The Lockwood Folly (LWF) outer bar was dredged by the Merritt (side caster) for navigation purposes this fall. The cost to the Town was $37,476.00.b. The Corps is dredging the LWF bend widener and AIWW Inlet Crossing with beneficial placement of sand on the east end in December. The cost to the Town was approximately $388,000.
Beach Renourishment
a. Florence/Michael Hurricane Renourishment Project- We received an award announcement for Michael in the amount of $8,547,506. We also received an award announcement for Florence in the amount of $15,861,220. We are in the planning and permitting stage now. Part of this process includes a sand search to identify a suitable sand source. ATM is currently working to update the permit and conduct the sand search.
Members of the Inlet and Beach Protection Board attended the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association Conference, the NC Beach, Inlet, and Waterway Association Meeting, the Quarterly Long-term MOA Stakeholders Meeting and the Brunswick Shoreline Protection Meeting. This year’s operating budget included signs for the dunes and replacement beach mats. There were also funds provided for a collaboration with UNCW to map dune vegetation and inlet changes.
The Inlet and Beach Protection Board meets the 4th Thursday of the month at 10:00 a.m. For additional information on any of the above items, please contact Town Manager David Hewett at (910) 842-6488.

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