Town News: Weekly Update

End of Week Update
February 11, 2011

Vehicle Identification Decals: 2011 Vehicle Identification Decals are now available. Click here to print an application. Completed applications can be submitted in person, or mailed, along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to 110 Rothschild Street, Holden Beach, NC 28462. Property owners may obtain up to four decals at no charge until May 31st. Additional decals and decals obtained after May 31st are $10 per decal.

Time Warner Visit: The Board of Commissioners met with representatives from Time Warner Communications at their meeting of February 8th to discuss homeowner concerns and inquires. Mr. Wire, Technical Operations Manager from Time Warner explained what changes were made from their last meeting with the Town, which included two-hour installation windows, updated equipment to improve signal quality and sweeps of the island to locate lines on top of the ground and pedestals in need of repair. Mr. Pell, Director of Technical Operations said they will review the feedback and see if they could work out solutions to some of the complaints. The minutes of the meeting will be available after the Board approves them at their March 8th meeting. The Town appreciates all of the feedback submitted to us in this matter.

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