Turtle Sanctuary & Turtle Talk Reminder 2019

The HB Turtle Patrol has asked the Town to remind you that Holden Beach is proud to be a Turtle Sanctuary. It takes everyone’s cooperation to make our beach a safe place for the sea turtles. Please remember that you can help by:
*Turning all ocean facing lights off at night. Lights can frighten or misdirect the turtles.*Picking up trash on the beach so the turtles won’t mistakenly eat it.*Filling in any holes that you made before leaving the beach each day. Turtles can get trapped in them.*Enjoying the beach at night without flashlights. If you must use a light for safety make sure it has a red light or is covered with a red cloth.*Taking all equipment from the beach each evening. Turtles can get trapped or will bump into items and leave the beach without laying eggs.* Calling the Turtle Patrol’s emergency number (910-754-0766) if you see a turtle on the beach. Do not touch or disturb the turtle. Do not take flash photos.
Don’t forget that tonight at 7:00 p.m. is the first Turtle Talk of the season. This program shares information about the Turtle Patrol, sea turtles and how vacationers and residents can help the sea turtles that nest on Holden Beach. 
This program is FREE! Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Come early, seating is limited.

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